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The Class Pages are in-part maintained by the classes and their teachers.  On these pages, you can review current activities and class news.

Select the tab below that matches your child’s class to view their page:

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  • Primary 1/2

    Welcome to the Class Page for Primary 1/2

    Primary 1/2 Teacher: Mrs Rodger

    What Primary 1/2 are learning - Term 4.

    P1/2 – Continuing using Active Literacy for our phonics and reading.
    Whole class –novel study on ‘Gruffalo’s Child’
    Writing- We will be looking at characters and setting and how to describe well using adjectives.
    Handwriting practice – continuing practising fine motor skills and the correct formation of letters.

    P1/2 – Recapping numbers to 100, looking at time (linked to our new sundial), data and handling and money.  We will be creating a shop in the class and doing lots of different surveys of what our favourite things are!

    Health and Wellbeing
    We will be looking at athletics and all the different sports that we will compete in on Sport’s Day.

    We will also look at Respect and Inclusion.  How can we respect our new school and others?  How can we make sure everyone feels included?

    We will be producing a power point for the DYWF (Driving the Young Work Force) as part of the Biggar Learning Community.  We have chosen to create a power point about being a farmer.  This will be uploaded for all children to access and we will be able to access their power points whenever we need to to look at what skills etc you need for different careers.

    Our classroom is named after Bizzyberry Hill so we will be looking at facts about the hill and producing some art studying Pointillism.

    Our new sundial will be ready soon so we have been looking at shadows in science.  We will also learn about the Earth, sun and moon.

    In Expressive Arts we created some clay relief for our sundial, will continue studying music with the school’s ABC system and use ICT to improve our maths and reading.

    ***SNOW DAY PLAN ***

    P1/2 Snow Day Activities 2017
    o Use a torch in a dark room to practice writing your sounds and common words we learn in class, ask someone to guess what you are writing or get them to write it and you guess.
    o Try using sauce or something else you would eat to practice writing your sounds and common words.
    o Practice writing your sounds, common words and numbers in your homework jotter in rainbow writing, pyramid writing or bubble writing.
    o Use your homework jotter to keep a diary of things you have done during any snow days (pictures and or words).
    o Write all the sounds we have learned on a sheet of paper, cut them out and try to make as many 2 or 3 letter words that you can. Write these words in your jotter, you can add another of the same sound if you need to. Remember you have to be able to read the words!
    o Use your reading book:
    o Look for all the words that contain a certain letter (a or s etc.). Write these in your jotter.
    o Draw your favourite illustration from your book (try writing out the sentence that goes with it).
    o Look for our common words in the book. Write these in your jotter and count how many times they appear.
    o Make a snowflake or draw a picture of your snowy garden or street.
    o Can you make snow cubes and build an igloo? Or make a snow angel, or a snowman?
    o When mum or dad asks how many fish fingers, sausages or slices of toast you want show them the answer as a picture rather than answering in words.
    o Look at numbers and letter sounds when you are out and about and copy these into your homework jotter (house numbers/names, car registration numbers etc.).
    Use the following websites and try some of the activities:
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